5 Cool First Date Ideas (9-15 March)

Bogan bingo event

First dates are, sadly, all about first impressions and nothing can damage this more than picking the wrong venue/dating activity! Jordi, the editor of popular blog, Thirty Something London, has come up with 5 cool dating ideas for this week that will ensure conversation flows and the atmosphere is lively and sociable…the recipe for a perfect date!

Here are Jordi’s ideas for where to take your date this…

Laugh at people completely exposing their inner-most secrets as they read out their teen diaries at Diary Days at the Book Club in Shoreditch. Some things should just stay in the past – but we’re glad they’re not.

A way to a man’s heart is through his……. Stomach (so they say, anyway). The Gaybourhood is hosting the “Gay Dinner Club” dinner, drinks and networking event with guest speakers! Whether you’re going “stag” or taking a date, you are encouraged to meet new people as seats are changed after each course.

If you’re into mullets, check-shirts and like your beer straight from a can – then Bogan Bingo is definitely for you (and hopefully your date). It’s definitely unique, interactive and a lot of fun!

A Friday the 13th Haunted London Pub Tour is a great way to see London in a unique way whilst having a few drinks. Think more “Sweeney Todd” and less “Patrick Swayze”.

Stretch more than just the truth on a first date at a “Yoga rave”. That’s right – Yoga rave. You will definitely be able to laugh at each other and have one or two things to talk about…like how silly you feel!


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