6 Ways To Maximise Your Ticket Sales!

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Event organisers put so much effort and care into putting together an incredible event but many fail to reap the rewards as the event has not been sufficiently promoted and targeted to the right audience. Promotion of your event is crucial to ensuring a full turnout, so we have come up with 6 simple steps for how to maximise ticket sales.

Happy promoting!

1. Create an eye catching personal profile page

Our users can ‘Follow’ hosts so that they stay regularly updated with their new events. If your profile is dull and colourless, it’s unfortunate, but many users will not want to ‘Follow’ you or attend your events. You can easily change this by ensuring you include details about yourself and include an attractive, eye catching image for the banner. We also definitely recommend adding your social media channels (Twitter & Facebook) so that users can keep track of all the awesome events you’re promoting and any competitions that you’re running.

2. Make sure your event page contains all the necessary information as well as interesting images

Organisers who create an event page which features no images, only a postcode and just a few sentences about the event are just digging a hole for themselves and making their lives so much more stressful. It may sound simple, but just by ensuring you have an attractive main image, a full address under the location section and a paragraph or two detailing exactly what the event is and what attendees can expect throughout it, makes such a huge difference! We, the human race, are a pretty judgemental lot( sad but true!) so the appearance of your event page will be associated with how much fun/successful it will be. Many people are drawn to images and, as you can use up to 8 images on your page, we suggest you whip out that camera, add some funky filters, and start uploading!

3. Engage with your attendees and followers by sending out personalised newsletters

Take advantage of our free integrated email tool and start sending out newsletters to your attendees and followers to fill them in on all the exciting upcoming events you have planned. We can’t stress enough how important it is to build a strong relationship with your attendees and followers, as all hosts want to maintain happy returning customers!

4. Share, share, share on social media!

Share the URL link for your event across all your social media channels( Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram etc) and start watching your followers grow and become increasingly engaged. If you want to be able to track how many people click on the link, Bitly is a great tool. All you need to do is create an account with them (takes 10 seconds!),copy and paste your KweekWeek page link and, hey presto, Bitly creates a trackable link for you that you can then share across all your social media platforms.

5. Host a contest to win free tickets

Everyone loves free stuff. By hosting a contest to win free tickets, you create interest in your event. If hundreds of people enter and only one person wins, you will probably get ticket sales from those who are now excited about attending your event. The ways you can promote a competition are endless, but one popular way is by creating a special #hashtag on Twitter that entrants must use, and to select the winner you just need to search Twitter for anyone using that #hashtag.

6. Create promotional codes

From your Event management section you can create promotional codes and then email them to your KweekWeek followers, users who have Wishlisted the event or your own imported contacts. Promotional codes providing a discount on the ticket price are a great way for incentivising users to book tickets.

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