Entrepreneur Day!

Entrepreneur Day

On Saturday 27 June, Europeonline and ECS (Eurasian Club Systems) will be holding the International Youth Leadership Forum, which is a day dedicated to entrepreneur skills.The International Youth Leadership Forum aims to provide relevant training in leadership, entrepreneur skills, public speaking and awareness of current international relations and economics.

It is a fantastic opportunity for students and young professionals who plan to start or grow their own business to learn from experienced, successful entrepreneurs!

Here are the list of entrepreneurs who have been announced so far:

Nikesh Ashar- Web Developer, MakersAcademy

Duncan Gough- Serial entrepreneur, Founder of Somewhere

Tina Mashaalahi- Co-founder and COO of KweekWeek

Lulia Tudor- StartUp Institute, London

Jerome Minney- CEO of Mikalabs, Co-founder of YI

Wolf-Xaver Merkt- Strategy/ tech consultant, entepreneur, Singularity University Alumnus

Liam Doolan- social entrepreneur, Founder of JoinComb

Jonathan Strong Bailey- Social entrepreneur, Startup Institute Allumnus

Plus many more surprise guests will be announced shortly!


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