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Generation Success

Generation Success is a not for profit organisation that strongly encourages professional development, peer learning and networking for career changers, graduates, professionals and entrepreneurs. They offer monthly networking events that offer interactive discussions with leading industry professionals. KweekWeek sat down with them to get a better idea about their events and what they love about this city.

Here’s what we asked them….

What is Generation Success and what types of events do you host?

Generation Success provides a range of trail-blazing initiatives that help thousands of people break barriers to professional and entrepreneurial success, whilst delivering value to their employment, academic and local communities through workshops, talks and networking opportunities.

Which event this year are you most excited about organising?

We are very excited to host our third Breaking Barriers conference. This is an event which attracts 300 people comprised of highly ambitious, goal orientated attendees who range from senior executives from multi-national companies to the UK’s budding young entrepreneurs.

What do you love about London’s events scene?

What is great about London’s events scene is the diversity of attendees which London events attract. At Generation Success, attendees come from all over London and from a range of different backgrounds; both professional and educational. This is what gives attendees great opportunities to network and meet people who they would not usually get the chance to meet. Some of Generation Success’ attendees have become members of the Generation Success team, found mentors at our events and have even met their business partners.

What are your top three venues in London that you have held events in?

BPP University kindly hosts the Generation Success events; some have been held at the Waterloo, Holborn and Bank campuses. Future events are planned to be hosted at multinational companies’ head offices in London.

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What are your top three tips for bringing your business startup ideas to reality?

1)      Find a good team or support network

2)      Be passionate about your idea

3)      Just do it!

“Falling down is a part of life, getting up is living”. In other words, don’t give up on what you are doing. There will be hard times and there will be good times so don’t let your success go to your head & your failures go to your heart! Keep on striving to achieve your dream and make it happen! 

For people who are new to networking, what is the best piece of advice you can offer?

Something simple which all new starters can do is to smile. You relax yourself and make yourself open to other people in the room.

What do you love about KweekWeek?

We at Generation Success love how interpersonal KweekWeek is; it is a very hands-on company. We use various sites to promote events and have found KweekWeek’s service to be the best. The look and feel of the events page is very attractive and of a high standard and helps maintain our professional image.

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