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South Place Hotel is a seriously trendy hotel in Liverpool Street that regularly organises fantastic events such as wine tastings, rooftop barbecues, sauna socials and music gigs. We sat down with them last week to pick their brains on cool things to do in the city. Here’s what we asked them…

What do you love about London?

That you can live 100 different lives. After years in small and medium-sized cities, I appreciate the endless possibility of a big metropolis.

Tell us more about South Place Hotel and why you stand out from other hotels in the city

We were once referred to as ‘Miami off Moorgate’ and it’s pretty apt. As Kenny and Dolly would say, we’re an island in the stream. Small enough to make interesting things happen, but chock full of life and different places to hang out. Many people don’t know that we run our own Michelin-star restaurant on the top floor, have a roof terrace for cigars and BBQs, library bar and games room for gigs and snifters, a secret garden, a Saturday pop-up bakery…

Where can we expect to find your team on a Friday night?

Drinking blindingly strong cocktails in the East End, raving in sweaty secret South London clubs, or out for dinner and wine in Soho.

Ultimate post-night out brunch spot?

We do go to our own 3SP Bellini Brunch; other favourites include Andina, the Modern Pantry, Shoreditch House and The Wolseley for variety.

What type of events does your hotel throw?

If guests and performers trust us and come along with an interest in mingling and the inkling to get involved…  it makes for a more memorable experience. We deliberately mix social groups and throw in some surprises – be it the Pastry Olympics, the world’s largest record player, being blindfolded with bondage tape and led to dinner….

Other than standard dinner/drinks, what other activities would you suggest for a fun night out?

People come to us for weekend escapes and ask for entertainment all the time… we suggest – cigar and spirit tastings
– sauna socials (mud masks, beer, music, masseuse)
– secret garden cinema

We’re also partial to London’s full moon bike rides, and in summer times the Zoo Lates are a must.

What do you love about KweekWeek?

That the team behind it are so keen to keep learning from the customers and event planners to make it better and better. There are a lot of apps on the market, but it needs to be responsive as apps are such a new thing. We’re really enjoying building KweekWeek into our plans and seeing what the reaction is…I’ve also found quite a few good gigs on there as well! 

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