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d.etal magazineWe caught up with the guys behind d.etal, a bi-monthly lifestyle publication that covers dating et all, to pick their brains on why they love London and what they enjoy doing in the capital. d.etal  is the reason why you no longer have to struggle in the dating world of ‘Generation Swipe’. Over 60 pages, the magazine addresses dating and relationship issues for the modern man and woman.

We promise that after reading this interview, you will be on the booking page of their next singles event straight away!

What do you love about London?

What’s not to love? It’s diverse, exciting, predictable and unpredictable. It has so much to offer. People take risks here, whether it’s fashion, setting up a new scene or trying something well out of their comfort-zone, just because. There’s no other city like it. There is something for everyone. And don’t worry about the rain, that’s what coffee shops are for.

Who is your magazine aimed at?

D.etal, magazine, short for Dating Et Al, is aimed at anyone drowning in ‘Generation Swipe’ a term that refers to all the singles out there who have to deal with the good, bad and ugly that technology has brought to the dating game. You are unlikely to hear us preaching about what you should say on a first date and the like as, after all, everyone has heard all of that. 

We deal with more realistic scenarios, such as how to get away with lying online (you know you do) or how to spot a bait and switch sociopath. Other treats include reviews, grooming, life-style and yes, even sex – all other things relevant to the modern man or woman. See for yourself with a free trial issue of the magazine.

What do you think about the dating scene in London?

The London dating scene is kicking it, right now. It no longer has the stigma that was once attached to it. It makes sense when you think about it as it’s a good night out in a swanky venue with drinks flowing, and you can flirt with anyone in your vicinity with no shame. The key is to find the best single events that work for you. If you are an alpha male or female and want to find your match, head to the bigger parties aimed at professional singles such as d.etal Events. Shy, retiring types are more suited to speed dating events.

Where can we expect to find your team on a Friday night?

Generally in all four corners of London working on their own love lives or just enjoying what London has to offer. They are not adverse to arm-locking a hottie, if they spot one along the way, who they think should be at d.etal events. If we are stuck for ideas of what to do on a Friday night, we genuinely hit up Kweekweek to see what’s going on.

D'etal Magazine

Most memorable restaurant you have eaten in?

Too many to choose from for different reasons so let’s go with a firm favourite: The Cow in Notting Hill. It’s more gastro-pub than restaurant, with great oysters on the menu.  As well as good food, the charm of this place is that at the bar you may find yourself standing next to a celebrity or model but on the other side of you there may be the local (friendly) nutter. That’s the beauty of London.

What would be your idea of the ‘perfect’ date?

If they can make you laugh and you fancy the pants off them, then that is the perfect date.

What are your top 3 tips for becoming a dating pro?

Get rid of ludicrous expectations.  By this, we don’t mean lower your standards. For example, at d.etal Events we have dealt with men who only like blonde women or tiny ladies who insist on dating men who are over 6ft and will ignore everything in between. We tend to put them straight, pretty quickly. Open yourself up to possibilities and watch your love life swing into action. Once you are on a date, seriously just be yourself. It’s hard work trying to be what you are not and you won’t enjoy the experience. Not to mention, you will eventually get sussed out and find yourself dumped in no time at all. And finally, do not forget to flirt with your date.  It is amazing how many people tend to forget!

What surprises have you got in store for us over the next couple of months?

We have a full on schedule in the next few months, giving people what they want. We are currently working on the next issue of  d.etal magazine (which is bi-monthly) and we plan on adding a few more themed events to the timetable, in addition to our monthly singles parties at Home House private members club.

What do you love about KweekWeek?

Kweekweek oozes energy and is definitely one of the best events discovery and ticketing platforms in London. That’s why we are on it. The set up allows event promoters and guests to connect with each other creating a nice synergy for all parties involved. What’s more, it covers all tastes so no matter what you are into, you will definitely find something to take your fancy.

Every month d.etal magazine holds a monthly party at Home House private members club, the next one being tomorrow evening! You can grab your tickets to their VIP Professional Singles Party here.

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