How To Integrate Payment Forms And Buttons On To Your Own Website

KweekWeek responsive integration form

If you are an event organiser and fancy having your payment form/buttons integrated on to your own website then check out the below steps.They’re simple we promise!  Also, one of the best things about using our responsive integrated form, is that organisers will still have full access to their KweekWeek Event Management dashboard.

1/ Access the Event Management Section via the settings wheel on the top right of any page

2/ Click on ‘Manage’ to access the management page of the event

3/ Choose ‘Promote event’ on the left-hand column of the page

4/ Select the ‘Integrate’ tab

5/ Click on ‘New Button / New Form’ and type the name of the recipient of this item

6/ Click on ‘View’ or ‘Copy’ to access the HTML code to add to the recipient.

This checkout form can be directly placed onto your website or blog, enabling you to turn your website into a shop where people can select the number of tickets, enter promo codes (if it applies) and click on ‘Book Now’.

Once attendees click on ‘Book Now’, they will be redirected to our platform to complete the purchase. Once they sign up to KweekWeek and buy a ticket, you will immediately have access to their contact details in the ‘Attendees list’ of your Event Management section and you will have the possibility of interacting with them via our integrated email marketing tool.

Want to know more about all the event management tools we provide/how to use our platform? Check out our Help Section! 

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