KweekWeek Will Be On The Apple Watch Very Shortly!

KweekWeek app for the apple watch

We are very excited to announce that we are in the final stages of developing our app for the Apple Watch and you will be able to download it very soon!

To get you guys excited for our Apple Watch app launch, here are the cool things you will be able to do at the flick of your wrist:

1. Discover all the amazing events happening around you

From festivals and music concerts to art exhibitions and conferences,¬†you’re guaranteed to find something to tickle your fancy! When you come across an event that you would like to book, you will be able to ‘Wishlist’ it. However, to purchase the tickets, you will need to use our mobile app or website.

2. Access your purchased tickets

You will be able to view your tickets and be scanned into an event straight from the app.

KweekWeek app for the apple watch

Discover and book the latest events in London by downloading our apps for iOS and Android.

Promote & Sell within minutes on KweekWeek. Add your events now!

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