Tips On Using KweekWeek’s Questionnaire Tool!

KweekWeek questionnaire form

To help organisers gather as much information as possible on their attendees, KweekWeek provides Hosts with the option of creating a questionnaire, which attendees fill out during the final stages of booking a ticket.

How many times as an event organiser have you wished that you had more information about your attendees? Maybe what profession, marital status or religion they are? For an event organiser, knowledge about one’s attendees is incredibly important as the information is great for determining your target audience and, thus, your marketing strategy. How can you create a truly effective marketing campaign, if there are key elements of your audience that you know nothing about?

On our platform, Hosts have the option of adding a customised questionnaire to each ticket, so all the questions you ever wanted to ask an attendee can now be answered! When attendees go to book their tickets, they will be asked to fill out their answers to the questionnaire before proceeding to the final stage of payment.

Creating a questionnaire is easy.  A Host can choose to add the questionnaire once the event has been published on the KweekWeek platform or whilst it is in draft form.

To add a questionnaire once an event has been published, all a Host has to do is:

  • Click on ‘Manage’ to access the management page of the event
  • Choose ‘Questionnaire’ on the left-hand side of the page
  • Click on ‘Add Question’ and select the ticket type(s) you would like to apply it to (e.g earlybird only)
  • Enter a question. We recommend keeping the questions short and simple.
  • Select the type of question you wish your attendee to answer
  • Give the options for the answers depending on the answer type
  • Select whether it is a mandatory or optional question for attendees to answer


  • Repeat the process for each question added

To add a questionnaire when the event is in draft form, a Host simply has to save the event and then access the Event Management section through the settings wheel on the top right of the page. Select ‘Manage’ on the desired event, and then click on ‘Questionnaire’ from the left-hand side column. Once you have done this, then all that is left is to follow the steps outlined above!

Below is an example of how a question will appear to an attendee:


To retrieve the answers from the questionnaire, Hosts simply have to export their attendees list as a CSV format with reference. To do so:

  • Access the Event Management section via the settings wheel on the top right of the page
  • Click on ‘Manage’ to access the management page of the event
  • Click on ‘Attendees’ from the left-hand column
  • Select the format you wish to export your Attendees List from the drop-down options

Start learning more about your attendees and having your questions answered….Add your events now!

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